Interested in Cutting Down the Number of Mosquitoes in Your Yard?

Here's How We Can Help!

Mosquitoes are pesky, flying insects that drive everyone crazy in the Hampton Roads, Richmond, and Fredericksburg/Stafford areas all Summer long. Mosquitoes not only leave behind nasty bites, but they also can transmit and carry on diseases such as Malaria or even the West Nile Virus. Most people are unaware, but the "deadliest animal" in the world is listed as a Mosquito, due to the dangers and effects they can leave behind.

Since Mosquitoes are airborne pests, we also do these specific treatments in an airborne method as well. Our technicians use a machine, similar to a leaf blower, and they go around the entire backyard and fog the air with the treatment. The treatment will take care of anything currently airborne, and will also settle and emulsify into the soil to take care of any grounded mosquitoes or any of the nesting sites. Since Mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at one time, and each hatching cycle is about 21 to 28 days, we recommend that this Treatment be completed at least once a month to fully see positive results.

Please give us a call today to learn more information on these specific treatments!