What Type of Termites are Invading Your Home?

What Type of Termites are Invading Your Home?

Termite Control Treatment in the Greater Hampton Roads, Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Stafford Areas

Are termites setting up camp on your property? Act fast - call Landlock Pest Control. We offer effective Termite Control Services in the greater Hampton Roads, Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Stafford areas. Our skilled exterminators will inspect your home, identify the type of termites involved and provide effective treatment right away.

Termites live in large colonies, with over a million insects in a single colony. As social insects, they work as a team to gather cellulose from the wood for food. Your home could be infested with:

Winged termites
These termites are often known as "swarmers," whose goal in life is to branch out from the colony and establish satellite colonies. The clear and/or creamy colored termites with the larger pincers are actually the "workers." They do all the chewing and collecting to bring materials back and forth to the colony from the wood source. The workers are also responsible for building the mud tubes that are often seen in garages, crawl spaces, basements and walls.

Subterranean termites
In Virginia, we have subterranean termites, which are difficult to identify and treat because they live underground. Think of an iceberg - you can only see the tip of the iceberg above the water, while the massive bulk lies underwater. The same concept applies to subterranean termites. You can only see about 1% of the colony through termite tubes or in termite damage around your home. The rest are traveling back and forth from the wood source to the underground colony.

How do you rid your home of termites for good?

In order to effectively treat the entire population of termites, liquid termicide is applied to the soil. This pest control solution acts as a barrier between your home and the termites in the soil below ground. The exterminators at Landlock Pest Control are equipped with the best liquid defense termite control on the market. You can count on us to keep the termites around your property at bay.

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