Small Bugs Don't Stand a Chance Against Landlock

Small Bugs Don't Stand a Chance Against Landlock

Tick and termite control services in Richmond, Virginia Beach and Williamsburg, VA.

When ticks and termites invade your property, call on Landlock Pest Control. Learn about what our specialists can do for your tick and termite needs in Virginia Beach, Richmond and Williamsburg, VA.

Kick the ticks out of your home

A tick problem shouldn't be taken lightly. If you're finding more and more ticks on your pets and members of your family, you may have a tick infestation problem. Landlock Pest Control will create a custom tick control plan to eliminate the presence of these blood-sucking bugs from your property once and for all. Our technicians will:

  • Determine the type of ticks present on your property
  • Locate any sort or populated area around your home
  • Use chemical products to keep ticks out of your home
Ticks can cause a number of health problems for your pets and your family. Call Landlock Pest Control right now to remove ticks from your property.

Don't let termites make a meal out of your home

Termites eat away at wood and can damage your home's foundation. This can result in thousands of dollars in damage restoration. Before termites burrow deeper and deeper into your home's foundation, call Landlock Pest Control for remediation. We'll use trusted techniques and top-quality treatments to remove termites from your property.

Avoid significant foundation damage by calling Landlock Pest Control for termite treatment in Virginia Beach, Richmond or Williamsburg, VA.