Our treatment process

Commercial & Residential Pest Control Solutions in the Toano, Richmond & Virginia Beach, VA areas

Landlock Pest Control uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which is a non-traditional treatment process that manages how you and your family or business come into contact with chemicals while effectively guarding against common pests. Our product is based on oils from eco-smart products, which means your exposure to toxic chemicals is greatly reduced.

At our initial pest inspection we will treat cracks and crevices around windows, doors and areas where moisture gathers with a powdered pesticide. We will also attack and remove any visible problem areas such as ant mounts or sacs. Lastly, we will apply a liquid barrier around your home to protect you from future intruders. We truly offer the most effective pest control service in Richmond, Virginia Beach and surrounding areas!

Seasonal Pest Control Treatments

After getting your home inspected, we suggest taking advantage of our quarterly pest control treatment plan. This will allow us to provide you with preventive treatment according to the season. Every season brings a different kind of pest, and we have the experience and knowledge to know which treatment works best for each.

Take a look at the diagram to the left for more insight on common intruders and pests at each time of year. With a quarterly treatment, future pests will be less likely to invade your home or place of business.